(1) Reconciliation: Render 4 [video], 2011 +

(2) Reconciliation for Music Box, v.1 [performance], 2011

I produced two pieces for the graduate thesis exhibtions before receiving my MFA from The School of the Art Institute. Reconciliation: Render 4 was exhibited in the Sulliivan Galleries as a video installation. This piece showed 4 cloned bodies in conversation with each other in a digital void. The performance component of the piece, Reconciliation for Music Box, v.1, was performed a week later for the IMPACT performance festival in Sonny's Cafe (SAIC Columbus Building). It brings the four bodies out of virtual space and into the physical world, though they retain their strange and detached conversation.

Images (L-R): (1)Installation concept, video composite screenshot, soundcloud links, installation image. (2) Performance programs, excerpts from 40 page performance scores, performance documentation (including Max/MSP patch, cake/sensor interactivity, and projection screen created out of dinner napkins. Vimeo link.