Stereo Test Program: Notation for Neue Movement Fidelity, No.1, 2013

Notation for Neue Movement Fidelity, No.1 by Lee Blalock debuted at the Hyde Park Art Center on May 18th at 3pm as part of Lee Blalock's solo exhibition, Neue. The piece is inspired by old stereo test records, but superimposes this concept onto the body as a test of will, control and new (neue) movement vocabulary. Using fabricated sculptural appendages as drawing prosthetics and physical restraints, dancers will create a document of this stereo test in the form of a large scale drawing which will hang in the gallery afterwards. The drawing is performed with the accompaniment of live sound created using custom software and hardware while channeling the eclectic musical arrangement of the original stereo fidelity tests. 

Guest artists: Eddie Breitweiser, Beth Bertha, Ally Subak, Haley Bergschneider, Elizabeth Seim (all of Laboratory Dancers) and Marie Socha. Assistant: Laura Goble.

The video which debuted in the viewing room of Gallery 5 is the piece upon which the live performance is based and can be seen here. The video and the performance are the 1st in a series.

Images (L-R): Promo image/"Album" cover. Click image for a link to the original video piece (excerpt) on vimeo. (2) Performance excerpts, (others) Performance images and images of final drawing. Perfomance images: Mike Smith.