Images (L-R):

(1)<3_img, 2015. Screenshot of interactivity design for the Laboratory Dancers' debut of their newest production entitled "Diffraction". One dancer sits quietly in the performance space recalling memories that are meant to ease or heighten her levels of anxiety over 45 minutes. She is wearing a pulse monitor which is used to change the speed of a slideshow of images that she specifically chose for this piece. The images are projected onto her body, painting her body with light as she periodically moves. A clock is programmed into the software changing the programmed sound incrementally over time so that the audience does not hear the same soundtrack over the duration of the 45 minute performance.
(2)NRR2ME, 2015. Screenshot. This is the second of two interactive systems designed for the Laboratory Dancers for the debut of their newest production, "Diffraction". A dancer stands in the space entangled in a physical installation made of text and string while another dancer, wearing a proximity sensor, approches in an attempt to change a prerecorded soundtrack. Sound was provided by the first dancer and includes candid conversations and music. The prerecorded track is 45 minutes, which is also the duration of this performance. The proximity of the second dancer determines where the loop starts and ends in the soundtrack. The range of the loop shifts over time, so that the audience doesn't hear repeated conversations during the durational performance. I created a leather cuff and ring appendage to house the sensor and microcontroller. For both of these pieces, the choreographer (Ally Subak) wanted the anxiety level in the space to build over time. This parameter has been built into the software so that the change is subtle and organic.
(3)Loving the Alien: Instructions for Other Orthographic Projections, 2014. Screenshot of patch created to record and playback behavior modifications for family day at the MCA (theme: Changes). Follow the link for more info on this project.
(4)Render_Loop2 electronic music box app designed as an interactive piece for my solo exhibition at Hyde Park Art Center, 2013. App plays original music that served as the anthem for the show, and uses a single video source of me performing pirouettes in a loop.
(5)PolySamp Ver 1.0, 2012. Presentation prototype. Many short samples triggered by mic input with variables for time stretching and trigger frequency. Samples can also be randomized. Drag and drop for file loading. Ability to change image to suit the performance environment. Created as part of a chalk board drawing sound piece.
(6)Scrubz Ver 1.0, 2012. Presentation prototype. Mic input playback from buffer, randomized scrubbing of mic input, file playback from hard drive. Designed for layering of vocal input from live performance or vocal from turntable/piezo performance.