Smeared 2: Davy Bisaro, Lee Blalock + guests
For Nuit Blanche/Leitmotif, Toronto, 2012 (Curated by Stuart Keeler)

This piece straddles the line between performance art and experimental dance. The performance will place on Sept. 29th at Leitmotif/Nuit Blanche in the Parkdale district. See documentation from last year's performance here. This piece marries non-traditional forms of movement in with drawing media. We will document our movement research by combining two ideas (prosthetics/appendages + drawing) and imposing them on several dance artists from both Toronto and Chicago.We performed live at the Nuit Blanche event. The other dance artists were recorded, and a video of their drawing performances were shown during the entire event. This piece is part of a larger work which documents new movement vocabulary.

Lee Blalock: Concept, design, filming of Chicago participants, live performance, appendage sculptures, sound, video editing.
Davy Bisaro: Filming of Chicago participants, live performance.
Chicago video participants: Lee Blalock, Buki Bodunrin, Tommy Heffron, Johana Moscoso, Marie Socha.
Toronto video participants: Davy Bisaro, Maureen Hill, Tsholo Khalema, Ocean Mussack, Miko Jones Sobreira

Images (L-R): Promo images (designed by Lee), video stills, and performance documentation (last 3 photos: Janick Laurent). Vimeo link is private. Email me for access.