Render: Loop1, 2011

I was invited to participate in Nuit Blance/Leitmotif, Toronto in 2011 (curated by Stuart Keeler). It is a generative sound and movement performance based on atypical actions influenced by the loop. This performance was produced originally for a site specific festival. However, it is best suited for stage or gallery. Action: One performer plays a repeating melody with a music box, filling the space with approximately 200 feet of tape. Three dancers enter the space with their music box tape hanging from their mouths. Their movements are dictated by a choreographic score. Toronto dancers were: Lee Blalock, Davy Bisaro, Nickeshia Garrick and Miko Jones Sobreira.

Images (L-R): Concept sketch, fabricated music box, music box tape with original looping melody, choreographic score, sound score, wheatpasted scores superimposed onto each other (gallery view), Soundcloud link, performance images.