Sy5z3n_2: Ohm / Respiration for Guided Medi(a)tation (2017). [process + documentation]

Info about the piece: Continuing the practice of embracing noise and fissure as a natural state of being for bodies living in the information age, the 2nd piece in the sy5z3n series expands on the module based "Instr/augment" system built for sy5z3n_1. The system or "sy5z3n" is superimposed onto performers to create conditions for meditation in the form of generative behavior. The performance follows the original condition that these live meditations feel as if they are being perfomed by an experimental band who are augmented by the instruments they play. The piece has four movements: (1) Emptying the old breath, (2) Filling the void/Overwriting the world with noise, (3) Reorganization/Integration, (4) Meditation/Mantra.

Custom hardware, custom software, wearable electronics. Other meditation practitioners in documentation: Lori Felker, Rebby Montalvo (aka TNKRT). Duration: ~15 mins. Debuted at SSSS! [Second Sexing Sound Symposium] at the Experimental Sound Studio on Dec. 4, 2017.

Row1[build]: (images 1-3) 16 step solenoid sequencer fabrication, (4+5) mic installation, (6-9) bioSamp module for wearables.
Row2[studio rehearsal documentation]: Images by Sophia Hayne.
Row3[performance documentation]: Cover page of score, live audio recording (ESS, Chicago), Ziv Cohen (video).

Interview for Cacophony Magazine.