oddity(). A site-specific performance for the MCA, Nov 18, 2014 <documentation>

Performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago) as part of the David Bowie Is exhibition live programming. Description: Inspired by David Bowie’s perpetual state of reinvention and his ability to move in and around various performance personas, a motley crew of otherworldly expatriates gather around a table for an unusual tea party. They come together to create sound, make images, and perform choral readings and samples of Bowie’s song lyrics. Performers: L[3]^2, Spencer Carmona, Sarah Chmielewski, Guy Eytan, Lori Felker, Lisa Leszczewicz, MaryAnn McGovern, Scarlet Monk, Andy Slater, Ally Subak, Valerie Xanos, Kylie Zane, Ezekiel Alvarez, Sophia Barr Hayne (Assistant). *Sarah was unable to perform due to being injured just a few days before the performance, but a chair was left for her at the table. Earl Grey + vanilla cupcakes provided by Lovely Too: a bake shop. Process, materials and media blog link is here.

Bowie Songlist: Heroes, Subterraneans, Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty), We Prick You (excerpt), Loving the Alien, Look back in Anger, Ashes to Ashes.

Photos: Michael Smith. Document: The Manifesto for an unapologetic performance.



229 files
1 score
7 Bowie songs
14 performers
1 assistant
2 card decks
14 plaster team cups
1 camera (live feed)
2 devices
2 speakers
3 screens
1 manifesto
2 programs
100 cupcakes
9.3 GB
30 mins