NeueEar, 2014

Sound reactive wearable robotics project inspired by personal experience with misophonia. The piece battles sound with sound both from speakers and vibration motors which are modified to look like hives (allergic reaction). Electronics: electret mic sensor, 8x8 led matrix, microcontroller and motorshield, 8 mini motors with 3d printed shaft attachments offset for vibration (switch operated), modified overear headphones play multiple tones through piezo buzzers (switch operated). Headpiece housing: pepakura, bondo, fiberglass resin, enamel spray paint.

Images (L-R):
(1)Video. Background audio is included to show LED + motor reaction to sound. Audio is taken from youtube documentary "Robots of the Future". The video can also be viewed on vimeo.
(2)Initial concept image.
(3)LED matrix.
(4)Motor shield.
(5)Perf board (back).
(7)3D printed motor attachments.