Live Performances

Live sound or electronic / computer music performances.

Images (L most recent - R):
(1)sy5z3n_2: Ohm / Respiration for Guided Medi(a)tation performance @ESS. 2017.
(2)sy5z3n_1: Meditation for Atomized Respiration performance @AIC. 2017.
(3)Capsule1 [in flight, in pieces] remote performance @Chicago Art Department. 2015.
(4)oddity() performance @MCA. 2014.
(5)Conduit performance @MCA. 2014.
(6)Stereo Test Program No. 2 @HPAC. 2013.
(7,8)Performance of Variations VI, John Cage, @Neiman Center, SAIC. 2012
(9)Live and pre-recorded scores for T. Lang Dance's debut of MOTHER/MUTHA. 2012.
(10)Smeared, Toronto. 2012
(11)Campbell Foster's KATA-STROPH for Nuit Blanche Toronto. 2011.
(12)Reconciliation for Music Box, v.1, @IMPACT Performance Festival, SAIC, 2011.