Chalk for One Performer in a Gallery: An exercise in audible cloning through gesture, 2011

Durational sound performance, printed score, clocks, chalk, chalkboards. This was first performed on Oct. 28th and 29th at Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery in Chicago. It is a performance influenced by fiction and macabre fairytales, in this case, an original piece of writing. A person who is content to live in a digital void is able to replicate herself by way of repetitive gesture as she writes copies of herself into existence. The "self-similars" are able to live in her place in the real world while she experiences the ultimate freedom, alone in her own. Action: Writing of phrases for 15 minutes at a time over 3 hours. After each 15 minute increment, the chalk is wiped onto my clothing.

Images (L-R): Soundcloud link, promo image designed by Lee, performance documentation.