Capsule performances, 2015

As of October 2015, I will be making performance that can only be seen or heard from a 4ft cube that is located in my artist studio.

"Capsule1 [in flight, in pieces]” debuted on Oct 9th and 10th at the Chicago Art Department for "PER_FORM".┬áIt is a real-time performance that converts the image of the physical body to visual noise in a moving meditation on time, space and release. Inspired by space flight, the durational performance is captured in a 4 ft by 4 ft box located in the artist’s studio containing only technical equipment and water. The abstracted image delivers a message from space by way of an algorithm imposed onto the artist’s image while performing repetitive movements and tasks. Sound and image are separated by time, further demonstrating segmentation of the body and its sensory mechanisms. The projection in the space is aligned with the corner wall and mapped with the original corner camera placement from the cube in the studio. The sound of the movement and the spoken text piece is recorded during the live stream of the performance, but not played in the space until day 2. The sound performance is installed with the speakers placed up against the wall to reflect the muffled recording (the text piece was spoken through a plastic astronaut's helmet). The speakers are placed on the floor, which is where the recorder was placed in the box during the performance. Day 1 of the performance was only seen. Day 2 of the performance was only heard.

Short excerpts and installation images from "Capsule1" performance:
(1)Vimeo excerpt.